Quick Tip: AC Unit

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Here at Bill’s HVAC, we understand that most people aren’t super keen to understand the intricacies of heating and air conditioning. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use common sense when it comes to what you do (and don’t do) around your equipment.

The other day we had an unusual call that had a woman complaining about her AC not working correctly.

We came out to the house to check on the air conditioning and found that there was a dark liquid substance all over the inside of the unit. We quickly found out that they had left about a gallon jug of motor oil on top of the unit, which slowly leaked into the AC unit and began to screw with the system and capacitors.

We fixed it with a smile, but we have to make sure that everyone knows: this is not a good idea. Do not place items on top of your furnace, AC unit, or near any of your HVAC system. Common sense ain’t very common these days indeed.

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