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When to Get an A/C Tune Up

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The nice spring weather give us the chance to finally open our windows for a but and air out the house. It’s also nice because there are virtually no heating and cooling budgets since it’s so nice out.

We recommend getting a tune-up for your air conditioner in the spring for this very reason. Since most people are just happy and enjoying the weather, we don’t have as many jobs to complete and can get to you much quicker instead of in the summer when you may have to wait for a week for an appointment.

It’s much better to take care of it now before you run the risk of not having AC when you and your family really need it!

Schedule an Appointment

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced yet and don’t have an appointment to do so, call to make one today. Tuning up your system in spring is smart because you’ll get the job done before heavy air conditioner use, but it’s also the best time for technicians. Once summer begins in earnest, repair professionals will have their hands full with emergency breakdowns.

The Benefits

An air conditioner tune up is maintenance that pays you back. Here are the most important ways you can save by being proactive:


A thorough tune up involves cleaning, testing and adjusting the entire system for peak efficiency. All air conditioners lose efficiency as they age, and units that aren’t maintained become inefficient much faster. Maximizing your system’s efficiency is the key to controlling your utility bills — and it helps your home cool down faster!

No emergency service calls

Many unexpected system breakdowns can be avoided altogether with preventative maintenance. By scheduling an air conditioner tune up every year, you’ll stay one step ahead of emergency repairs.

Fix small problems, skip big ones

Air conditioners are complex systems, and small, cheap-to-fix problems can grow into big, expensive ones if left unaddressed. This can even happen when your air conditioner seems to be working fine. But if you tune up your system every year, you’ll catch these problems early and save.

Give your air conditioner a long life

Lack of maintenance can take its toll, shaving years off the life of an air conditioner. But if you maintain your system annually, the opposite can happen — you can make your unit last longer than average, potentially saving you thousands over the many years you’ll own your home.


No air conditioner lasts forever, and if you get yours tuned up every year, you can talk to your HVAC tech about when to ideally replace your unit. By planning for this years ahead, you’ll be able to save up and position yourself to take advantage of big sales.

Get a Pro

There are basic HVAC system maintenance tasks you should be doing yourself, like replacing your filters on a regular basis. But when it comes to air conditioner tune ups, it’s a job for the pros.

A lot can go wrong in a DIY attempt at a tune up. Even something as simple as cleaning the condenser is best left to the professionals, because delicate coils and fins inside the system can be inadvertently damaged in a way that will affect system performance. And that’s not to mention the risk of accidental electrical shock.

What’s more, the trained eye of your technician is what will allow you to get ahead of bigger problems that are coming down the pike. So when you have your system tuned up by a licensed pro, be sure to ask about its condition and what you should expect in the years to come.

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Why Choose Bill’s?

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Here at Bill’s HVAC Company, we’re proud of the experience that we have and customer service that we render each and every time we go to a customer’s home.

We understand that money is tight right now, especially with the highs and lows of a volatile economy, but if you trust us to take care of any HVAC concerns, you’ll never regret it. Our services range from simple tune-ups to replacing entire systems, all of which we are very capable of doing at a high level. Our service vans are ready to speed on over to your home so that you’ll get quick service.

One of the most important aspects of health is sleep, and it’s darn hard to sleep when the temperature is way too high or way too low.

baby and dad sleeping

With Bill’s HVAC, we make sure that you’re taken care of, in fact, once you become a customer, we treat you just like we treat our own family. The best service out there for an affordable price!

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